What are the 7 Pillars of Self-Care and How To Use Them?

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Do you ever find that self-care becomes just another task on your already long list?  

 You might be in dire need of self-care, but you’re often unsure about how to actually incorporate it into your life. This often results in a hasty online search for “self-care ideas,” which bombards you with countless suggestions, ironically leaving you even more stressed.  

There is a lot of information available on the internet about self-care. All this content available can make the concept intricate and confusing. If you understand how important it is to take care of yourself, start finding the right approach, which we understand, can be difficult. 

Instead of getting overwhelmed by different approaches, it is better to follow the approach we suggest. You can approach self-care through seven variety of pillars to begin taking care of yourself. We want you to know that in the beginning, these pillars might seem extensive. However, with time, you will tackle every aspect of your life that needs attention with the pillars of self care.  

After reading this complete article, we will five you a self-care quiz. With the help of this quiz, you will be able to determine which self-care type will suit your current needs.  


The seven fundamental principles of self-care collaborate to build a feeling of completeness in your life. These are the 7 pillars of self-care:  

  1.     Mental  
  1.     Emotional  
  1.     Physical  
  1.     Environmental  
  1.     Spiritual  
  1.     Recreational  
  1.     Social  

Detailed Explanation of The 7 Types of Self-Care   

  1. Mental Self-Care  

With mental self-care, a person focuses on their overall well-being. They get to focus on their mental and emotional resilience. Let us now give you 5 simple examples of mental health care:  

  • With mindful motivation, dedicate some time each day to practice mindful meditation. Begin with being fully present in the moment and observing your thoughts. With this practice, you will reduce stress and improve emotional regulation with better focus.  
  • You would not know how therapeutic it is to express your thoughts and feelings. Begin writing down what you feel, your experiences, and your reflections. You will gain a better insight to your thoughts which will lead to improved self-awareness. 
  • Engage in reading materials that interest and inspire you. Choose any genre to find an escape from the daily stress and expand your knowledge.  
  • Setting a boundary on your screen time matters the most in these days. Constant exposure to unrealistic comparisons or negative news contributes to nothing except anxiety and stress. Find more free time for relaxation and digital detoxification.  
  • Engaging yourself in activities that bring you peace and joy is also necessary. These activities are effective in boosting mood and provide a sense of accomplishment.  

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